Pizzie turns 50

This whole trip to Copenhagen was a spontaneous thing to attend Pizzie´s 50th birthday party yesterday. It was a genuine experience, like few others in my life. I have to start by stating I´m no party person, I seldom dance, I´m a bit shy when it comes to conversation with new people, I don´t drink that much and I don´t smoke, either. I enjoy sitting on a couch and find a couple of persons to chit chat with, while drinking bubbles. 😉 IMG_7486

Yesterday´s gathering was a lesson in generosity and consequently very different from Norwegian festivities. There was lots of food and drinks, one was able to smoke inside (which I didn´t appreciate that much, since my eyes hurt and I could barely speak after a while) and one could keep one´s shoes on! I love that, one does it in Romania, too, at least that used to be the culture, now it´s sort of changing there, too. Shoes show personality and a carefully put-togheter outfit looks tame in socks! I never ask people to take off their shoes, but it´s the general rule in Norway, so one does it without thinking about it. Some people take party shoes with them, which is cool, cause the weather in Scandinavia is the way it is. IMG_7485

There was beer, champagne, wine, baked root veggies,”frikadeller” (meatballs), two types of bean salad, beetroot and feta, baked tomatoes, mini potatoes and some coconut balls for dessert.IMG_7478


Pizzie was in grand form, getting lots of attention and all. There were two speeches, one in Danish and the other one in English and the little I understood from the former made my eyes tear up. Cheers for Pizzie! Honoured to know you!IMG_7491

Yours truly, with a half-hearted smile. 😉 (camera shy)IMG_7526

Pizzie and his lovely wife, Franziska, doing a tango of some sorts. 😉IMG_7479


Ballerina performance. haha!IMG_7540


Get your feet to work! These ones are mine. If you get the music right, I just might do a little dance. 😉


We went home early ´cause we have a brunch appointment with Laura from The Copenhagen Tales and her boyfriend. Blog about that later!

xxx, Alina

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