August has been awesome so far! The weather is pretty on and off and makes me long for Greek beaches and cloudless skies, but our social life has been amazing. My brother is visiting with his wife, yesterday was V´s birthday and the rest of the crew is back from holidays. Later on this month a friend is coming over with her boyfriend for a short holiday and at the end of the month- my mom and auntie will be visiting us, too. 

The few sunny days we´ve spent at the beach watching other people swim. 😉 A late-night dip at Sørenga, 15 minutes from our place.

On Wednesday I got straded at a Penitentiary, missed the bus and instead of waiting for an hour or take a cab, I walked through these pretty fields. Quite amazing, really. This guy sometimes borrows our shades. Pretty handsome, in my opinion. 

Lunch in between jobs.

Picked some wild flowers the other day. Made for a nice bouquet on my kitchen table. 

Another couple living the sunset.

On my way to one of my assignments, I met a pretty cat. She loved me to bits at first and scratched me bloody when I wanted to leave.

We have a small municipal garden a stone-throw away from home and I sometimes pick a squash or two. 😉 And some thyme.

Sammy met another cutie, a husky-malamute. Fortunately he was neutered, so they got along just fine. 

Oslo Ladegård. Renovated and ready for concerts. Yippi yey!

My brother and his wife, getting some sun on the docks. Sam is ever present.

Celebrating V´s birthday at Vino Veritas. A pretty day and lovely company. The restaurant, however, is just about to be getting a very bad review on Tripadvisor since they tried to rip us off de-luxe.

Met one of my best childhood friends, hadn´t seen each other in 15-16 years! Lots of fun! 😉

Sammy drinking water. 😉 Too cute for words!

Have a lovely week!

xxx, Alina

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