Sunny day

A couple of days ago we had great weather and we enjoyed the afternoon by the beach. We couldn’t be bothered to take a boat and spend the entire day on an island, so Sørenga, a 15 minutes walk from home, sounded most appealing. With an ice-coffee in our hand and Sam in the lead, the world was a pretty awesome place to be.  IMG_6155IMG_6141

It was too cold for us to swim (19 degrees should be ok, but we´re getting old and chicken out all the time), but Sam ventured in in a blink of an eye and started barking out of joy.IMG_6145


Sunshine and coffee, two of my essentials. And on a Monday, too! 😉 Pretty neat!IMG_6144



This handsome man decided to tag along, which doesn´t happen very often, as he either works or is busy with his design projects. However, this time he found time for us and we spent some precious family moments together with our fur baby, playing and goofing around.IMG_6159


In the evening we ran into some neighbours of ours and continued our summer adventure with a bottle of white wine and Vuong´s home-made spaghetti at our place.

Today we´re expecting my brother and sister-in-law and I´m so excited I can barely concentrate! It´s her first time here and my brother hasn´t visited us in our new apartment, yet. Should be dusting and baking, instead I´ll have a nap, ´cause I´m exhausted! 😉

xxx, Alina

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