Park life

What have you been up to lately? For the last couple of days I haven´t had any assignments and the weather has been great, so we got to be outside most of the time (me and Sam), while V has been working his ass off to prepare for SEEK (Berlin trade show).

As I was agonizing about an invoice that the state hadn´t paid in 6 weeks instead of 3-4 and, feeling I would soon burst into a fit of rage (or worse, into tears!), I took my buddy Sam to the Botanical Garden to meet with a colleague and blow out some steam. And what do you know? The money came eventually and we got ourselves a pretty awesome day as a bonus! Picnic in the park! Another friend came after a while and we chatted, browsed through magazines, threw balls for Sam to fetch and went back and forth to the café for water, coffee and ice-cream. 😉IMG_5088IMG_5087

My new babies from Stefanel, bought in Bucharest a month ago. 😉IMG_5082



Grapefruit, anyone? My colleague is great at carrying food with her all the time, whereas I end up buying everything, water included…:-/ haha! IMG_5092



Mr. Sam found this duck the other day (probably fallen from a stroller) and he loves it to bits. Favourite toy right now! Needs to be chewed on! 😉
IMG_5097That would be me! The older I get, the less shy I am in front of the cameras! 😉 ahaha!

Hugs, Alina ❤

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