Celebrating my husband´s success at Taco Republica

Yesterday my husband made his first satchel and I´m so immensely proud of him! He´s designing and making leather accessories by hand and although very talented, it´s been a tough ride. The Norwegian market is small and uptight and people are so rude, 90% of all mails he writes remain unanswered! This being said, we´re going to Berlin for the SEEK trade show! And we have high hopes! He´s already been contacted by a trade show in New York (they tried to persuade him to attend), an internet shop that wants to promote his products and a couple of private persons for smaller commissions. 😉 Yey!

So today we felt like celebrating his success and what better way to do it than with a beer and some tacos in the sun! In Scandinavia, you learn to make do with the weather you have and a sunny day is a festivity in itself! IMG_5066

Taco Republica was an obvious choice, they have amazing food (although slightly overpriced, if you ask me), sunny tables (a must!) and they´re centrally located. Just what we needed.


We had guacamole with home-made nachos (they called it something else, though) and 4 tacos- chicken, beef, pulled pork and mushroom. They came with two types of salsa, as well as lime. And boy, were they yummy!  IMG_5072





We bought some coffee, ice-cream forms and yoghourt, making ice-cream popsickles later on. And this is the famous satchel! Gorgeous, isn´t it?! 😉
IMG_5078xxx, Alina

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