Apfel strudel

I felt inspired by Laura and her rhubarb dessert and so I wanted to make something sweet yesterday, but since I´m more of a pastry person, I found this recipe for what fru timian promised to be the world´s best rhubarb pie! Tough luck, the Turks by the corner had no knowledge of rhubarb and so I had to change my plans entirely. Apfel strudel, I thought!

Bought some apples, some filo dough (I didn´t feel like making a mess in the kitchen) and I was all set. IMG_4692Ingredients: 1 kg apples, filo dough, raisins, sugar, cinnamon, caster sugar.


Grate the apples and simmer them with a bit of sugar, cinnamon and butter on the stove. Prepare the raisins by soaking them in water for a little while. Put the mixture in the middle of the dough and roll. Repeat. 10 min. in the oven! Serve with caster sugar on top (I didn´t have any) and a good vanilla ice-cream. 😉IMG_4698



IMG_4701My baby also received a treat since we were having something sweet. 😉 It was yummy! Hope you feel like trying!

xxx, Alina

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