Filippa K

I don´t know about you, but Filippa K is my favourite Scandinavian brand. In my mind, their light, simple and a bit androgyn line embodies the very Scandinavian elegance. Wearing their clothes I´m seldom overdressed (my cardinal sin otherwise), I can move without restrictions and I feel drop dead gorgeous. This year I´ve cut down on my shopping drastically, but I´m thinking of splurging a tiny bit as soon as the sales are here! 😉 (needless to say I´d love their entire collection!)

I´d probably wear the blouse with jeans or chinos and ballerinas to work. Otherwise, this is a lovely outfit to go to a beach bar or lunch with the girls. 

I adore this style! It´s usually my holiday uniform, especially in the Northern countries.

And what a sassy dress! Not to mention the sandals. Yes, please!

Drop the flat sandals and you´re ready to rock at a summer party, with a Bellini in your hand! 😉

Now this is just too much to take in! I simply crave this outfit!

And now back to working around the clock and paying bills. haha!

Have a lovely day, peeps!

xxx, Alina


7 thoughts on “Filippa K

  1. If you like this brand you might find COS interesting too. They’re quite familiar. And i suppose Cheap Monday/Weekday (although the last two brands are an edgy minimal) I’m a Swedish Fashion blogger based in London. Would be awesome if you could check out my blog 🙂

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