Five years ago we were in Paris for a meeting my husband attended with his work at that time, Le Palais des Thes. And since it was summer and we´d heard so much about Normandy, we decided we should give it a try. It´s only a 1,5 hour train ride away from Paris and the accommodation not a bit as soaring as in Cote D´Azur. We´d seen for us lovely food, sunbathing by the sea and Indian nights. Such poor judgement! The food was amazing in every way and so was Honfleur, where we chose to stay at our friends´ recommendation. The truth is it was lovely in every way, but not exactly what we´d imagined.. After a couple of days of rain, the sea was agitated and swimming not allowed. I think we might have ended up going to Greece after all that summer, just to get our dose of sunshine.;-) Living in a Nordic country means one should take one´s intake of vitamin D seriously! 😉


34885_409213496710_8004989_nYummy lunch à la maison. When we wanted to splurge at a fancy restaurant, lunch was a homey affair. 😉 I miss those times when we didn´t spend more than we earned..;-)37701_409211801710_4839041_n



Look at how young we were! It feels like ages ago..;-) A light dinner of oysters and sea snails. So good! 34579_409220931710_3665660_n

Open air markets are the best! We had lots of cheese, paella and fresh fruit. And sat on the stairs and enjoyed it in the sun.


What I remember best from that holiday is the food. We´d walk around waiting to get hungry again, only to be able to try something different and wash it down with either wine or cider. They had the most amazing “cidreri”, like a beer garden, only with cider! 😉 The Calvados was also quite impressive, we wanted to visit a distillery, but the buses ran seldom and the distances were long, so we couldn´t be bothered.

Instead, we booked a table to Sakana, at that time a 2 Michelin Star Restaurant with the most amazing degustation menu of no less than 13 courses! I´ve never had a bigger anxiety attack than that day, when I realised I couldn´t press in any more food. Haha! It was sublime and although the portions were quite small, it was way too much food for a poor little soul like me…




Making do with what weather we had, always ready for new adventures. 😉
37701_409211791710_1479008_nNot being much of a breakfast person, French breakfast suits me just perfect! Coffee, tea, fresh juice and croissants! Yum! We should go back soon..

xxx, Alina

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