Atelier Asian Tapas

Our friends have visitors from the big abroad, so we thought it´d be nice to go out for a meal and get to know their sister/sister in law. We´re huge fans of Mathallen (The Food Court) and it´s quite central, too, but for some reason we keep forgetting to go there lately. And since we´re trying to show Oslo from its best side, we booked a table at Atelier Asian Tapas, where they serve delicate Asian influenced dishes. With the same owners as Xich-Lo, a fantastic French-Vietnamese fusion restaurant in Oslo, one cannot expect anything less than exquisite taste and relaxed service. Atelier has high aspirations of becoming a regular meeting place and they have weekly events promoting Vietnamese food with a twist. It´s also the place you go to for a yummy lunch and a glass of Prosecco, especially on a Saturday afternoon.


We decided to try most dishes and since they had a deal on Prosecco and scallops, we said: “Bring it on!” And they kept coming: entrecôte, spring rolls, tamarind beef with shrimp chips, shrimps with mango salad and lamb with salad. Everything tasted divine and I felt like licking my fingers!


After a bottle of Prosecco, some local Norwegian beer from Bodø did wonders for our appetite. 😉 Fruity and light, as we like it.IMG_4555







This is our friend, Minh-Hai, cutest sommelier and waitress ever! 😉 And a veteran at Xich-Lo and Atelier. IMG_4559



The scallops were a feast! How can something so tiny taste so much? Yum!IMG_4556

I tried to leave room for dessert and I wasn´t disappointed: mouth watering passion fruit crème brulée and mango pudding. IMG_4566



IMG_4583The waitress trio – difficult to decide who has the loveliest smile. A generous tip was in order. 😉

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