Five years ago we were in Paris for a meeting my husband attended with his work at that time, Le Palais des Thes. And since it was summer and we´d heard so much about Normandy, we decided we should give it a try. It´s only a 1,5 hour train ride away from Paris and the accommodation not a bit as soaring as in Cote D´Azur. We´d seen for us lovely food, sunbathing by the sea and Indian nights. Such poor judgement! The food was amazing in every way and so was Honfleur, where we chose to stay at our friends´ recommendation. The truth is it was lovely in every way, but not exactly what we´d imagined.. After a couple of days of rain, the sea was agitated and swimming not allowed. I think we might have ended up going to Greece after all that summer, just to get our dose of sunshine.;-) Living in a Nordic country means one should take one´s intake of vitamin D seriously! 😉


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I´m having a really difficult time adjusting to this uncertain weather, is it spring, is it still winter, which coat do I wear, do I still need gloves and how come it´s so windy!? At least it´s been sunny, it made it so much easier to spend time outside with my Sammy, without needing to force my own hand.

I´ve only just returned from my trip to Romania and I´m going to Lisbon for a few days in May and still the only thing I can think of is travel. And since France is one of my favorite places, thought I´d share some of my travel pictures with you.

Although I adore France, I haven´t seen nearly as much of it as I should have. Paris is the place I always long for and find a reason to return to, both for its magic and its food. In fact those two are quite interconnected since food is one of the main ingredients of magic! And you´ve got to love French food! Oh, my God! The snails, the cheese, the macarons, the rabbit, the onion marmalade, the Tarte Tatin. Yum! I´ve been to Normandy, Corsica and Cote D’Azur and besides beauty, divine food was the second thing they had in common. I need to explore more, I need to see Provence, the Loire Valley and Bretagne. In the mean time, enjoy a trip on my memory lane!

Restaurant in Corsica, France

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