I´m working on a two days case on this island in the middle of Norway and I find myself hoping it was summer and that I had a whole week off to explore it like I should! (not that I have a driving license, but still!) Hitra is just stunning! The nature is unlike everything I´ve ever seen before (I might be exaggerating, but you should know it´s not intentional, I´m generally a grateful tourist!), the houses are cutie cute and I´ve seen both fish, sea urchins, a sea star and a deer! All that in just 1,5 days! 😉IMG_2714 The case itself is sad enough, as they often are in my line of work, but I´m here with a colleague and we´re making the best out of nature, food and being able to speak our mother tongue to exhaustion! 😉 IMG_2684Yesterday we came here around 7 pm and went for a walk to the marina. The foot path was not to easy to spot, so we found ourselves on somebody else´s property! haha! A shepherd dog came running towards us, barking like hell and gave us a real fright, until I started talking to her and convinced her we´re not trespassing. 😉 haha! And then we had to find another way.IMG_2673 However, the view that greeted us was amazing and so I soon fell in love with the place! There were a couple of foreign fishermen intrigued by our presence and it felt as though we were intruding for a while, but we soon decided we didn´t care, not in such a delightful place!IMG_2689 I´ve always seen those lovely sea urchins for sale and wondered where they lived.. Yesterday I found my very own! 😉 Don´t worry, it was just the shell, so no harm done. 😉IMG_2688 IMG_2693 IMG_2722 This spot was perfect for a bit of sunbathing and we did just that. 😉 In my tights and my APC wool coat (since I don´t even own a sports jacket!), I felt the last sun rays dancing on my face, breathed in the silence and watched the birds flying by. IMG_2695 IMG_2729 IMG_2690 IMG_2709 My colleague is much more sporty than me and went for a longer walk today, too, while I had a long nap to clear my head after the trial´s technicalities. Followed by a glass of wine. 😉IMG_2717 We tried to save this sea star by throwing it back into the water, but A thought it looked like it had dried out already. At least we gave it a go.. IMG_2733 IMG_2718 I know I should have chosen fish, but what can I say, I´m a sucker for a real beef steak! 😉 hehe! Think I was a man in a previous life, a Viking or so! 😉 haha! The food was absolutely amazing and if you ever go to Hitra, book yourself a table at Dolmsund hotel! IMG_2743 Now it´s time for an episode of the Wire and then “off to bed”. Of course I´m in bed already, that´s the best thing about staying in a hotel room, don´t you find? 😉 xxx, Alina

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