Weekend glimpses

This weekend was great. We partied hard on Friday, slept in on Saturday, dragged ourselves from couch to bed and back and had a lovely beef steak, wine and cheese for dinner. Sunday was brunch at our friends´ and seeing my father off to his plane. We then had a weissbier in a beer garden (Sam was with us, of course!) and binge-watched The Wire until we fell asleep on the couch. 11070350_10152793220396711_357810315_o

This one is from yesterday, I picked some flowers on our way to brunch and said they were from Sam. 😉 He thought they smelled really good. 😉 11170289_10152795243896711_326205275416973610_o

Outside, the cherry blossoms are staining the sidewalks with withered white petals. It´s so pretty it hurts! Reminds me of spring in “the old country”, the way it used to be when I was 18 and no dreams had yet been crushed.11180519_10152793399966711_119826390_o

But who cares about dreams being crushed when you have such a sweet bear to hug? As I usually tell my friends, it feels I myself have given birth to him. And I never thought you could love a dog as much as I love him! I´d sooner jump in front of a train than see something bad happen to him!11179808_10152795238821711_212691201_o

Mornings are for indulging and what better way to do it than drink lots of coffee and eat cheese pretzels? 😉

10998079_10152795243906711_5460164793358351559_oI´m off to Hitra, an island outside Trondheim, for a work. I´ll be sure to take lots of pictures!

Have a lovely week! ❤

xxx, Alina

3 thoughts on “Weekend glimpses

    1. Absolutely! 😉 You see, my father visited from Romania and brought a lot of goodies with him and since I´m not really a breakfast person, I´ve been nibbling on whatever snack I could find. 😉

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