Freelance life: Hitra and Trondheim

I´m home again and it´s never felt better! I´m a delicate soul who gets very tired when traveling, so today I´m going to spend my morning in bed, then go for a long walk with Sammy and put my affairs in order in the afternoon.

But let me tell you more about my travels, it´s been great! I can never express enough gratitude for working as a freelancer and being my own boss! It´s so good for my nerves! ahahah! 😉 IMG_2759

We were done in court at about 11 yesterday, but there was no buss to the ferry until 13:20 and so we had plenty of time to grab some lunch and try to find water. (as in walk towards the sea) And that we did. Behind a hideous “shopping mall” with three-four shops and a Wine Monopoly, we could catch sight of the sea. So we wheeled our suitcases around, my colleague had at least changed into sporty clothes, but I didn´t think of that, since we were going to fly back home later on, so I had to walk around in office clothes. haha!  (I only wear sporty clothes when I´m walking Sam ;-))IMG_2751






We found a wooden cabin behind which we could keep away from the wind and just enjoy the sun for a bit. We were on the clock, so it was 20 minutes here, 20 minutes there, then back to the buss. IMG_2768




The view was really pretty, especially those houses somehow camouflaged in the terrain. We were told many people had cabins in this area and I can see why. The sea is so calming, you can spot deer and birds and there are lots of sheep in encircled parts of the fields. IMG_2761


This would be me, always a diva! haha! Even when it´s not suitable at all! What to do? Once a city girl, always a city girl! 😉 IMG_2745

This is the yummy dinner we had the night before at the hotel restaurant: deer steak with salt baked potatoes and chocolate fondant! Yum! The kitchen was not very inventive, but the meat was cooked to perfection and so were the veggies! And the fondant was as delicious as you´d expect it to be in any famous restaurant! IMG_2747

After taking a long nap on the ferry back to the mainland, while my colleague was all sporty out there on the deck defying the forces of nature, we found ourselves 1,5 hours early for the airport, so we thought we´d  grab a bite at a cute café I knew about from the last time I was there- Baklandet Skydsstation.

It was a sunny and spring-like day and we sat down at a table outside and ordered a beer and a fish soup. Living in Norway sure teaches you to appreciate every moment you can be outdoors. IMG_2786



There was a bicycle repair shop next door and its colorful signs worked well with the café´s looks. There´s something soothing about old times, don´t you think?IMG_2793




The soup was lovely and we wolfed it down ´cause we needed to get to the airport soon after. Leaving pretty Trøndelag behind, we felt weary and at the same time ready for the “big city” again. 😉

IMG_2749xxx, Alina

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