Sunny Saturday Stroll

Yesterday was such a lovely day and we sure made the best of it. Since V had a day off, too, we decided we should have a city day. And what better way to be urban than walking around with our fluffy polar bear? 😉


IMG_1206_3 IMG_1217 IMG_1246 IMG_1251

Although the weather was quite chilly, spring was in the air and the sun sure helped the spirits. We walked all the way to the city center, past colorful houses and people just as excited to be outside as we were. Then we ran into a friend of ours and his girlfriend, this stylish babe here. She had a lady dog Sam was very inspired by. 😉
IMG_1265 IMG_1259 IMG_1268 IMG_1299We opted for Vietnamese for lunch- Da Lat- and had a heart warming beef soup and sweetened ice drinks. The place is a bit shabby, but the food is great and now that their daughter is working there, the service has gone up from 1 to 10. 😉

IMG_1269 IMG_1272 IMG_1273 IMG_1275 IMG_1276

On our way back we collected a couple of lamps we´d asked a friend of ours to repair and that gave us the chance to wander a bit in Fredensborg, this quaint part of the town that hasn´t yet turned hipp, but that´s pretty cool none the less. IMG_1329 IMG_1333 IMG_1336 IMG_1340In the evening we went to the cinema and saw The Drop. I liked it pretty much, especially the main idea, be nice to animals, even if you can´t be nice with people. 😉 hahha!

Hugs, Alina

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