Winter is back

Can you imagine how happy I was when I woke up this morning to see at least 10 cm of newly fallen snow? (hint: not at all!)

This morning was a disaster in every way, had to wake up at 6 just to find out I wouldn´t have to work after all, but then again they changed their mind, so I had to literally run to reach the train, which was delayed (Thank God!), ´cause then I was told we´ll leave it for tomorrow in the end. Of course I´m billing them, but that´s besides the point. The point is there were almost no buses, it was really early, cold, chaotic and nobody should go through that unless strictly necessary. Hahaha! Besides, I had to wear my winter boots! Bhuuuuu!


When I finally got home, wet and cold and irritated, I shook the snow away, just to witness my Sammy roll himself in it on the hallway floor. I had to laugh, I´d almost forgotten how much he loves snow.. haha!

For a couple of hours I just wrapped myself in a blanket, drank coffee and ate chocolate Easter eggs, with Beo by my feet on the couch and Sam by his daddy´s feet, on the floor. 😉 Later on, a courthouse called and said they needed my services and how could I have turned them down just because I was cold and didn´t feel like it? This time I was smart enough to order a taxi, though, knowing they´ll be happy to cover it if that means they don´t have to wait for me should the trains be delayed.

IMG_1378Getting home again was an adventure in itself, but that´s one for another time. 😉 For the moment I´m snuggling up with Beo, my feet in thick woolen socks and a glass of wine in my hand. 😉 This evening I´m going to a friend´s place for a girls´ night with sweet potato soup and wine and I can´t wait. Pondering if I should take a taxi, since all busses are cancelled and the public transportation company pays the charges they cause. (Always a good reason to take a cab! ;-))

I´ll leave you with some yellow tulips, in our house we were expecting Easter and spring, but hey, it´s not always according to the plan! 😉

hugs, Alina

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