Copenhagen part I

We arrived on Thursday at around 9 pm at our friends´ amazing apartment in Østerbro and were welcome with bubbles, Danish roast beef, sesame broccoli salad, remulade (a sort of mayo with pickles inside), to mention some of the goodies. We chatted and toasted and pet their dog until we girls collapsed at around 1, but the guys carried on until 4 am. There was the joy of seeing each other again, all those nooks in the apartment that had to be discovered, you name it.

Yesterday was slow and therefore just perfect. Our hosts had to work, so after a giant caffe latte, we explored the city on our own. The first thing we did was take the wrong turn, so we missed the main shopping street in Østerbro and instead ended up with a calming walk in a park to Nørrebro. There we had lunch at Bevars, typical Danish smørrebrød (dark rye bread with paté and pickles and with egg and mayo) and coke.


The antique stores were lined up on both side of the street, so we had to check them out. We settled for a nice mint green sign saying Herbs, I can already see its place in the kitchen. 😉 Having started to feel the wind on our cheeks, we rushed to the city center, thinking of coffee and cake in an intimate coffee shop. Instead we found a lovely vintage store called Time´s Up where I admired exquisite jewelry pieces and Chanel jackets and went for a delicate pair of black leather gloves at a friendly price, since I was starting to feel the cold and our dog, Sammy, had eaten my previous pair anyway. 😉

Walking around we stumbled across Den Franske Bogcafe were we had coffee and a yummy lemon tart. We resumed our walk afterwards and soaked up the foliage and the pretty colors of the houses. A nap before dinner was sorely needed, so we headed back to the apartment. The meal was great- grandma´s chicken with almond potatoes, cucumber salad and yummy gravy. A couple of friends of our hosts joined us and their kids livened up the place even more. It was a long night so now I´m nursing a mild head-ache and watching the drizzle outside. Need a coffee ASAP. Stay tuned for more adventures today!;-)

xxx, Alina


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