Copenhagen part II

Yesterday it rained all day and my depressive state of mind would have prevented me from doing anything at all had I not been on a city break and had a frisky husband and friends. 😉 We started with a cup of latte and some tea buns typical for the Copenhagen area, took our umbrellas with us and made our way to Østerbro gade for a walk and, hopefully, some shopping. 😉 We entered several cool shops- toy stores, Norman Copenhagen´s design haven, a French brocante so overpriced not even I could justify buying anything there and some vintage stores. After buying a soft white bunny for my niece, I was left breathless when we entered Second, a luxury vintage store like the ones I can only dream of in Norway! Moreover, they had a gorgeous pair of burgundy stiletto heels from Stella McCartney in my size! I was sold! I also found a lovely knitted jacket with silk lining and managed to bargain for a nail polish as a free bonus!;-)

Moving about in the rain, happily, this time, we felt our stomachs  rumbling, so we looked for a place to eat. There was this little gourmet bistro in the neighborhood, I forget the name and the service was horrendous, so there´s no need for a review. The food was quite a treat, though. I had the cold cuts board with salted almonds, olives and sun-dried tomato paté and the boys had meatloaf and carpaccio. The interior was quite ingenious and it somehow compensated for the lacks of our waiter. Say hello to the ducky!

Next stop was the flea market, just a stone throw away. It was huge and it took a lot of patience to look for treasures. My reward was a  gorgeous jewelry box from Villeroy and Boch. Isn´t it pretty? I can´t wait to put it on my night table!;-)


On our way home we walked through Brumlebyen, a cute former working class area, now an idyllic  residence area. The garden patches were soaked in rain and you could imagine people living there, a vibrant community, the kind where people say hello to each other and stop for a chat. 


In the evening, we invited our friends for dinner at restaurant Formel B in Vesterbro and it turned out to be quite a culinary experience! We had an amazing 4 courses carefully put together: lobster salad with celery and green tea soup, tartar, wild pigeon and plum tart with ice-cream for desert. I tell you, it was the bomb! If you haven´t been there yet, go!;-) Later on we met my blog friend Laura from The Copenhagen Tales for drinks in Ideal, an allegedly popular bar in Vesterbro. As it happens we were the only ones in there and when boys left (after only one beer),  it was time for the girls to loosen up the hair. 😉 We headed for a livelier bar where they made those amazing rum and absinth drinks. It was lovely to see Laura again I really enjoyed our expat perspective on living in Scandinavia.

Today was sunny, but we were beat. Breakfast and lunch were a long and lazy affair. We´re flying back to our Sammy in a couple of hours, but need to come back ASAP.

xxx, Alina


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