This week is finally coming to an end

I can´t remember last time I´ve had such a shitty week. It´s been horrendous. And as it often happens when you´re under mental stress, you mood is precarious and so is your physical well-being. To sum it up, my week mainly consisted of working, sleeping, eating, walking Sam and watching the occasional movie on Netflix.

Yesterday however I was done at 2, which left me time to have a couple of much-needed Proseccos with my husband and a friend of mine and blow some steam. It was a glorious day in terms of weather, sunny as only early September days can be. The air was crisp, but you could still wear ballerinas and short sleeves. I´d bought some fresh local produce at the market and couldn´t wait to get the chance to make some seasonal food. We had lunch at Café Bacchus, they have a lovely garden and serve well assembled salads and summer dishes made from Norwegian ingredients.


Later on we went to pick up our cat from the friends who took care of it while we were in Greece. We had a lovely meal- 3 courses of Thai-French fusion and lots of Cremante, but ended up leaving Beo there for two more weeks since we´re going to Paris in just 10 days´time. He didn´t seem to mind it at all, in fact he didn´t look like he´d missed us much in the first place. :-/ Sam was besides himself with joy to be reunited with his old buddy, but the cat looked uncomfortable at best. It was both funny and sad and given my state of mind I felt like crying.

Today is a new day to face the world and we only worked until 12! I was so happy I could have jumped up and down the courthouse steps! I´m treating Sammy to a walk in the woods and later on I have an appointment with my Personal Trainer who´ll churn the butter out of me. For dinner I´m making green beans stew and baked beetroots with chèvre. Stay tuned! 😉


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