Counting down to Christmas

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Hi darlings! How have you been doing? I’m good, a walking Christmas spirit these days. 😉 I’m done with buying presents, had planned on wrapping everything today, but I can’t seem to find the tape. After having painted the apartment, nothing is in its place anymore. But hey, nothing to despair about, I’m running myself a hot bath instead. 😉 Continue reading

Spending Christmas in a cabin

I think I´ve seen too many American Christmas movies and that I´m totally brainwashed when it comes to Christmas. So much expectations, so much preparation, it´s crazy! I´m dreaming of spending Christmas in a beautiful cabin in winter wonderland. We´ve already decided to celebrate next year´s holidays in Maramures, Romania, but I´m also hoping for a place of our own a bit nearer. Meanwhile, I need to spend less money on clothes and interior decoration and get a driving license and a car. This cabin would make us and Sammy very, very happy! What do you think?

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Røros II

We´re off to Oslo in just 2 hours and while waiting in the lounge for the time to pass with coffee and biscuits (we´ve already had a walk and it´s freezing cold out there!), I thought I´d let you know what we´ve been up to these days. We had so many plans, we´d do things right this time (meaning going dog sledging and maybe cross country skiing), but then we remembered we had Sam with us, that the temperatures were really low and that this was a holiday, after all. And what I love about holidays is that I can do what I feel like and not what´s expected of me, not even by my own self. Rest, eat when I´m hungry, sleep when I´m tired, take a walk, go shopping for local produce, have a glass of wine, cuddle with Sam, read a book.


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We´re in Røros with Sam for a Christmas getaway and it´s a winter wonderland! The weather is perfect-wind-still and lots of snow, though a bit cold for our taste (-27 C yesterday and only -16 today). 😉 Eating lots of good food and drinking local beer or mulled wine, exploring the area on foot (had to buy wool underwear today!) and shopping for small gifts. Yesterday we were lucky enough to even attend a Christmas concert in church. Today we have rain deer on the menu!;-) IMG_8939

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