I hope Christmas finds you well and the holiday spirit lifts you up. Thought I share some lovely pictures from the winters past, since this one is grey and wet. IMG_8772

Placing these bundles of “julenek” is a tradition in Norway. They say it´s for the birds to feast upon, but apparently they´re not so into it, so, it´s probably more for the decoration. IMG_8778In Røros, one of the coldest spots in Norway, they make these cute ice candle holders to celebrate the winter season. _MG_5297_MG_5410These two are from the Xmas market in Tallin, Estonia. Such a jolly place! Everywhere in the old town, the air smelled of cinnamon almonds and mulled wine. IMG_9698This one is from Norway, on a cold winter´s day. Perfection, right?IMG_9492My treat for Xmas- sugar coated almonds. 😉IMG_8944And another one from Røros, a pretty horse.

Merry Xmas, everyone! ❤

xxx, Alina

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