Counting down to Christmas

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Hi darlings! How have you been doing? I’m good, a walking Christmas spirit these days. 😉 I’m done with buying presents, had planned on wrapping everything today, but I can’t seem to find the tape. After having painted the apartment, nothing is in its place anymore. But hey, nothing to despair about, I’m running myself a hot bath instead. 😉Yesterday I had some girls over for a small Christmas gathering with mulled wine and gingerbread and it felt like the first time I’ve breathed in ages. You see, we’ve bought an apartment and we’re moving in midt February, so everything has been a bit chaotic since with signing and returning this and that, having a real estate agent over to evaluate our current place and so on.


untitledAlina Tran12019-10

The Christmas festivities began on Sunday when we went to a traditional Christmas lunch that my mother-in-law invites us to every year. It was really winter wonderland, as you can see for yourself. The kids baked a giant ginger bread heart each and otherwise helped themselves to hot dogs and dessert. I can’t wait for Madde to go with us next year and see Santa sliding down the roof with chocolate and clementines. 😉

Tomorrow we’re going to a spa hotel where my significant other’s work is having a dinner party with both their employees and their partners. This is a bit unusual for Norway, but a very nice opportunity to get to know each other better. So I’m taking my bikini with me and also my camera, since I still have some pictures to take for my exam.

Otherwise I’m nearly done with everything, except for the baking and cooking, which is mere fun as long as things slow down a bit. 😉

How are you hanging in there in these hectic times?

xxx, Alina


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