Spending Christmas in a cabin

I think I´ve seen too many American Christmas movies and that I´m totally brainwashed when it comes to Christmas. So much expectations, so much preparation, it´s crazy! I´m dreaming of spending Christmas in a beautiful cabin in winter wonderland. We´ve already decided to celebrate next year´s holidays in Maramures, Romania, but I´m also hoping for a place of our own a bit nearer. Meanwhile, I need to spend less money on clothes and interior decoration and get a driving license and a car. This cabin would make us and Sammy very, very happy! What do you think?

Source: finn.no

One thought on “Spending Christmas in a cabin

  1. I would love to spend the holiday in a cabin like the one in Wham’s video! We have rain in Dennark! And it’s not even that cold. But actually my christmas spirit is here no matter what 🙂 Have a Merry Christmas!

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