Røros II

We´re off to Oslo in just 2 hours and while waiting in the lounge for the time to pass with coffee and biscuits (we´ve already had a walk and it´s freezing cold out there!), I thought I´d let you know what we´ve been up to these days. We had so many plans, we´d do things right this time (meaning going dog sledging and maybe cross country skiing), but then we remembered we had Sam with us, that the temperatures were really low and that this was a holiday, after all. And what I love about holidays is that I can do what I feel like and not what´s expected of me, not even by my own self. Rest, eat when I´m hungry, sleep when I´m tired, take a walk, go shopping for local produce, have a glass of wine, cuddle with Sam, read a book.


So we walked and walked. Sam ran freely and would stick his head into the snow, eat some and bark happily, run again and call us to play with him. We breathed in the Christmas atmosphere everywhere and got excited by all the decoration details. For dinner we had pulled pork burgers and mulled wine at Vertshuset, and traditional meals with local beer at Kaffestuggu. Breakfast was served in study portions at our hotel and would keep us filled until 2-3 pm. The first evening we attended a Christmas concert- different choirs praised the lord and although I´m not a believer any more, I sure do love Christmas traditions. It was so touching! Røros Church is very old and incredibly beautiful, in the stern Protestant way, that is. I for one am much more fond of Orthodox churches, but hey, I grew up with them, so it´s no wonder!

Yesterday we made friends with a father and son from Australia, they were on a short bonding trip here. The son was living in Trondheim and the father was visiting all the way from down under. They were so open and warm and Sam took to them at once. We sat down and exchanged stories over a cup of coffee and we talked so much about our dog baby I think we must have bored them to death! haha!

The train is leaving in an hour or so, we have our moose chorrizo and our rain deer dried sausages, some caramels and some old fashioned cinnamon almonds, too. With lots of fresh air in our lungs and with a rested mind, we can´t wait to get home to Beo and our daily routine. It´s strange how much a getaway can change your perspective! It always makes me appreciate even more what I have at home. I hope you find the pictures inspirational. 😉















IMG_8767xxx, Alina

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