Good bye, sweet lover

Wish I could say you were a blast,

But I don´t do blast

I only do love or sorrow.


When I told that to the psychologist,

He didn´t raise an eyebrow,

He simply said- it´s your way

And I thought to myself- Finally!

Somebody understands

Even if I pay him to do so,

It´s kind of empowering anyways.


I have a date tonight

High heels and red lips

The usual “trick”

Wonder if I can trick myself into it, too.


January, 2016

Master your disaster

Ain´t it swell? Not enough that I´m on medication for my major depression, but I´ve contracted a minor one, as well! Haha! I can´t do anything else, but laugh! My psychologist called it a “seasonal affective disorder”, caused by the lack of sun and the cold. It´s not that I hadn´t heard if it or anything, I was just unaware you could have a depression within another depression. Haha! All I feel like doing is sleeping and getting cosy in my pjs. Walking Sam seems an ordeal, so is everything else I´m not bound to do, so unless it´s work, or dinner and drinks, you can´t get me outside the house if you pull me by the hair!;-)

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