All over again

You´ve never been sad

Until sad is all you can feel,

Until sadness takes your sleep away

And you feel yourself dissolve

Into a pool of sweat and fear

Too weak to let go

Too tired to keep going.


That kind of sadness

Is a special kind of hell-

Only known to the ones of us

Who feel with every inch of our skin.


It´s only when you´ve mourned the loss of love

On your own or in the arms of others,

That you can fully understand

How lucky you are to fall in love again.


April, 2016



It´s nice to leave home along with one´s comfort zone once in a while. It´s so refreshing to get some new impulses from the change of architecture, dialect, food and weather! And I don´t know about you, but I love sleeping in hotels! And Nordic Choice was really nice, it really felt like something else! Concrete, modern art, brand new. Had it not been for the haunting mirrors that added 10 kg to my normal weight, I wouldn´t have anything to complain about. 😉

I enjoyed 7 degrees outside and with the sun peeping out today it felt like spring! Stavanger is a small and intimate town, so you get to really feel the holiday mood.

I went to Stavanger to interpret in court and instead of rushing to and from the airport, I decided I should book a hotel room and travel a day in advance. So I had time for dinner with a friend yesterday and lots of time to do whatever I pleased today. Except for the hour at the court house. It was the best idea I´ve had in months!;-) Not only did I get to relax a bit, but I also found time to do some work at a brochure translation. I ate lots and took many scenic pictures, unfortunately I didn´t think of bringing our camera with me, since this was like a “business” trip- haha!

I also did some shopping, shops still had sales miraculously enough! The bargains were peach leather trousers from Alexander Wang at 7% of their original price, as well as Tommy Hilfiger deux-pieces (jacket and skirt) at 50%. Yey, me!;-)

I should do this more often. You don´t need a whole weekend to visit another place, sometimes a day away is enough.

xxx, Alina