Weekend treat

How have you been and what´s your weekend been like? 😉 We had amazing weather and spent our Saturday mostly outside with a glass of Prosecco in our hand, barbecuing, picking raspberries and having fun. The day started by giving Sam a much needed bath, ´cause he´s been dipping in all the ponds and bays and stank like a dog pound. I then took him for a long walk in the sun to dry and we ended up in Kaffebrenneriet in Grønland, in a former fire department quarters, where they have a pretty garden and amazing coffee to savour.
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A Sunday in Oslo

Today was such a bright and beautiful day it would have been a shame to spend it anywhere else than outside. Although we´re heading towards the end of February, the weather is still quite crisp and we had to go back for gloves, to put it like that. 😉 We live in the Eastern part of Oslo, the multicultural “old town” and love it! It´s such a nice and friendly place, a brisk 10 minutes walk from the city center and only a stone throw away from Grønland and all its colorful (and extremely cheap) eateries. 😉 So we walked to Punjab, as I mentioned in my earlier post, but couldn´t settle for a potato nan, so we had the whole shebang- Chicken Karhai. Oh, yum! If you´re ever in Oslo, it´s a must!


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An autumn Saturday in Oslo

Oslo on a sunny day is like a dream come true! Although it´s mid September, the weather Gods still had some summer in store for us! It was such a glorious day to go for a walk and of course we brought Sam along. First, we walked to Grunnerløkka for coffee and breakfast and had a break in the sun to enjoy the view- colorful people on their Saturday stroll, fashionistas as well as young parents with strollers, dogs and their owners, you name it. Sam behaved himself for once, happy to have both his parents with him, he sat by our feet, squinting and drooling, getting the occasional petting and “Awww, that´s such a pretty dog!” I couldn´t have been more proud!


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