Weekend treat

How have you been and what´s your weekend been like? 😉 We had amazing weather and spent our Saturday mostly outside with a glass of Prosecco in our hand, barbecuing, picking raspberries and having fun. The day started by giving Sam a much needed bath, ´cause he´s been dipping in all the ponds and bays and stank like a dog pound. I then took him for a long walk in the sun to dry and we ended up in Kaffebrenneriet in Grønland, in a former fire department quarters, where they have a pretty garden and amazing coffee to savour.
IMG_6535I was feeling summery, had picked a couple of apples straight from the tree on our way there, traded my purse for a sporty tote and I was enjoying the sun in shorts and a top. Can you ask for more? 😉 V was unfortunately at work, otherwise the picture would have been perfect. 😉IMG_6536


Reading a magazine, drinking a yummy cortado, Sammy playing at my feet, what a dream!IMG_6538

The garden is pretty, you can see summer is on the wane, but it only adds to its natural beauty, in my eyes. I like it when things are a little as life itself, a bit neglected, a bit left to chance.  IMG_6533

Sammy is busy playing with his tale, lounging or saying hi to the other guests. IMG_6539

Lavender in an old tea pot. Don´t you just love it? IMG_6541

Waiting for our train to take us to a small town just outside Oslo, where my friend Cristina organised a barbecue party later on that day. In the meantime I had a glass of Prosecco and Sam hunted for babes from under the couch. On the barbecue in the next post! 😉IMG_6542

IMG_6546xxx, Alina

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