An autumn Saturday in Oslo

Oslo on a sunny day is like a dream come true! Although it´s mid September, the weather Gods still had some summer in store for us! It was such a glorious day to go for a walk and of course we brought Sam along. First, we walked to Grunnerløkka for coffee and breakfast and had a break in the sun to enjoy the view- colorful people on their Saturday stroll, fashionistas as well as young parents with strollers, dogs and their owners, you name it. Sam behaved himself for once, happy to have both his parents with him, he sat by our feet, squinting and drooling, getting the occasional petting and “Awww, that´s such a pretty dog!” I couldn´t have been more proud!


Next stop was Matstreif, a food festival that proved to be so overcrowded it felt claustrophobic. It seemed like the whole city had decided to attend at the same time! We did get to taste a couple of cheeses and some crackers, though, plus we brought home some goodies- organic jams, local crackers and a Norwegian Camembert.

We also wanted to see the Autumn Exhibition, but dogs were not allowed (I don´t think he´d have appreciated it anyway!;-)) and seeing it one at a time, it would have been lonely since we wouldn´t have been able to discuss it. So we went to Litteraturhuset instead where we had a pale ale in the sun. Now I´m baking a cake and getting ready to this evening´s party at our friend, Elif. 😉 Have a lovely weekend, peeps! xxx, Alina



2 thoughts on “An autumn Saturday in Oslo

  1. Have you tried walking along Akerselva? Pretty lovely. My view outside work. Every time the sun’s out and I’m at work, I look outside and see people taking a dip into the river or suntanning. What a torture 🙂 Although, it’s not that bad. Sunny days mean coffee breaks by the river.

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