A Sunday in Oslo

Today was such a bright and beautiful day it would have been a shame to spend it anywhere else than outside. Although we´re heading towards the end of February, the weather is still quite crisp and we had to go back for gloves, to put it like that. 😉 We live in the Eastern part of Oslo, the multicultural “old town” and love it! It´s such a nice and friendly place, a brisk 10 minutes walk from the city center and only a stone throw away from Grønland and all its colorful (and extremely cheap) eateries. 😉 So we walked to Punjab, as I mentioned in my earlier post, but couldn´t settle for a potato nan, so we had the whole shebang- Chicken Karhai. Oh, yum! If you´re ever in Oslo, it´s a must!


IMG_1052On our way there we found a rug somebody forgot or dumped in the snow and took a couple of funny pics of Sam. He was impatient to walk further, though, there were so many smells and dogs to be checked! 😉



“We´re roasting our own coffee, come on in and watch”, they´re boasting at Kaffebrenneriet Grønland. 😉



Besides being colorful and half shabby, Grønland also means cheap fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately Oslo doesn´t have that many vegetable markets, but they seem to be working on that lately. Can´t wait for the outdoor season to come! 😉



IMG_1066Chicken Karhai, our most favorite dish at Punjab. So good I´d eat with my hands if only I didn´t get that messy!

IMG_1069IMG_1073Old meets new (personally I´m not so fond of new architecture) by the Aker river. And the ducks are sunbathing. On our way we met a cute doggy and they sniffed a couple of times, Sam was pretty interested, he literally jumped the man carrying her. 😉



Eldorado used to be a cinema and hosts now one of the biggest book stores in Scandinavia. The Nut Cracker adds a bit of a Viennese charm and color to the street.



We ended our small excursion with a coffee at Kafé Nord while Sam waited patiently outside and chewed on a stick. We then walked all the way back home to burn the calories.;-) The streets were filled with sun and people and Oslo was a pretty sight. I hope spring is around the corner!

I hope you had a wonderful Sunday, too!

xxx, Alina

2 thoughts on “A Sunday in Oslo

  1. That looks like a perfect Sunday! We’ve also had a really sunny day today (first one in ages), but it’s still freezing cold with biting winds, so I’m not quite in the mood for long strolls yet… Can’t wait for spring!

  2. hehe! Well, with a dog, you need to go for a walk come rain or come shine. But we´re looking forward to warmer days. I live in the wrong country, that´s for sure! 😉

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