Home again

Summer holiday is over and to begin with I didn’t really know if I should be sad or relieved, as I was a bit tired of the heat and I’d started missing Sammy and my friends.   Besides, all good things come to an end and if they didn’t, we would just take them for granted in the end. 😉 Although, between me and you, going back to jackets and carrying an umbrella in my bag was not my plan for August, I have to admit.

IMG_6995.jpgSo here I am, after three intense days of work, (luckily not in a row), drawing my breath. First I took pictures at this lovely Nigerian 60 years’ anniversary, then went to Valdres for a day and a half to interpret in court and came back home to a long-ish Police interview yesterday – don’t worry, I was not the one being interviewed! So now I’m sitting here with my cup of coffee, getting ready to take Sam out for his walk and get myself another cup on the way.

On Monday I went to this appointment I had with a new therapist, but it felt like talking to myself and so I cancelled the next one and decided I should just buy myself some ear plugs and live with my bad days when most people seem to get on my nerves. I don’t know if that’s the right decision, but then she was so young I felt she couldn’t possibly relate to my stuff. Am I age-discriminating here? Perhaps. And she was a woman and I’ve always preferred men as doctors. Discriminating again. Oops. And I’m a woman myself. 😦 I just feel I can talk to men better than with women in such situations. What about you?

Otherwise I love these days of routine, as much as they make me lament during the year, now I kind of like having  laundry on the to do list, airing the house and cooking dinner. The variety of foods you can buy in the neighborhood shop however is pitiful and so today I’m going to Grønland to find some round squash to fill with rice and minced meat for dinner. What have you been eating lately?

I’ll write some more when I inspiration washes over me, today I’m all pragmatic, like the Virgo that I am. 😉

xxx, Alina




One thought on “Home again

  1. You just made me crave for stuffed peppers/squash/tomatoes! But I lack patience and wish I started cooking something, anything. I prefer women doctors. Probably because I had one or two bad experiences with male gynecologists who dismissed my concerns and problems without arguments. It can also happen with women, but to me, they seem just as qualified as men.
    Jackets and umbrellas are not what I had in mind for August either, but I’m stubbornly sticking to sandals.

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