Thursday off

I was supposed to be in court today and was actually looking forward to it, since I’d be working with a friend of mine I never get to see anymore, now that I moved out of my old neighborhood and that she has a toddler to pick up from kindergarten. However the trial was postponed and instead of doing paperwork, I’m sitting here in my pjs and can’t quite decide what to do next. I thought of making a banana cake, but I forgot to buy eggs, so no. (phew) I could read, but knowing I should’t, I won’t be able to concentrate. I’ll probably run myself a bath to begin with.

Skjermbilde 2018-02-08 kl. 10.11.22.png

I started driving lessons again (yesterday!) and the automatic transmission made the whole thing so much easier, I can’t begin to fathom why anybody would use a clutch and a manual gear anymore. Anyways. I’m so buying myself a Mini Cooper when this is all over, as a reward for being such a good gal lately- no more debt, actually saved a fair amount of cash, working out and going to bed before 11, not to mention getting to read a bit in between all these activities. 😉 haha! (that might sound normal to you, but I’ve been struggling to do everything you take for granted, including going to bed when you’re tired, because it’s boring!)

The sun is out from time to time, not today though, making winter a whole lot easier to bear. I’m so tired of the cold, of slippery roads, of big jackets and beanies that prevent me from seeing anything, of the same pair of shoes, ’cause the others are too fancy to wear out on snow, March couldn’t come any sooner, I’m telling you! In two weeks school children have winter holiday here and so the theatres boasts of half price on their plays which is why I was thinking of taking F to one and a friend to another. 😉

Time to take that bath now, I wouldn’t want to be wasting the whole day moaning!

xxx, Alina




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