Copenhagen in Spring

Let me tell you about my Copenhagen trip. I’ve been so busy with work and Airbnb I didn’t have the chance to blog that much lately. Did you like the professional pictures of my apartment? Home inspection next week! Fingers crossed!

_MG_0395As I was telling you in the entry on the secret garden, I was in Copenhagen with a friend of mine- Heidi- and we had the best of times. The weather was amazing with the exception of Saturday morning, when most of the pics were taken, since the battery died shortly after. haha! Just my luck!


We arrived early, I from Oslo and Heidi from Bergen and to our content, the room was already ready, so we checked in and had some coffee before embarking on our city adventure. After a bit of freshening up, we walked towards the city center, looking for a vintage store and a good breakfast, whichever came first. 😉

_MG_0394.jpgIt didn’t take long before we stumbled upon Kompa’ 9, as in Company, where we had the brunch of our dreams and a cortado to die for. The place was very charming and, after painting so much lately, I could see myself giving it a fresh coat and going about my life on its lovely wooden floors. 😉








Soon after, we found a couple of vintage stores, Time’s Up was the one I remembered, but Studio Travel was where I found the cashmere top of my dreams and a pair of gorgeous silk pants from Max Mara.



The city was in full bloom and people were pouring down the streets from all directions. We stopped for a glass of white wine, then went to see the 3 storied HAY boutique where I ended up with a cute porcelain dog as a piggy bank. 😉


There was the sweet scent of candied sugar from the sugarcoated almonds, then the Belgian waffles took over the smell of cherry flowers and green grass.



We had dinner in Trois Cochons, a nice variety of fish and meat, I loved their dessert. By that time we’d had way too many glasses of wine and so we just finished our meal and went home giggling. _MG_0437.jpg





More about Copenhagen in a later entry.




xxx, Alina

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