This May is funny, we had a whole week of sunshine and now it’s back to grey and freezing days. But we’re hanging on, spring is here although we’re still wearing scarves, just look at the trees!
Skjermbilde 2017-05-13 12.04.16.png

These days I’ve had thousands of errands to run and, the way it always seems to go when things pile up, I end up watching Netflix in apathy and then get sick on top of it. Which is exactly what happened- fever and all. Two days later, I’m feeling much better, the American guy is happy with his airbnb-choice and I long for the days when “slaving” for somebody else than myself will be a faint memory.

Skjermbilde 2017-05-13 12.04.58.png

Nothing serious though, nothing a lovely olive oil and some Sammy smooches can’t cure. 😉
Skjermbilde 2017-05-13 12.06.34.png

Our new piggy bank from Hay in Copenhagen, already saved 5 euros for the summer holiday!
Skjermbilde 2017-05-13 12.07.32.png

Tomorrow and Monday I have a home inspection and on Tuesday there’s the bidding round on the apartment. Cross your fingers, I’m dying here!

xxx, Alina

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