Secret Garden in Copenhagen

I’m back from a lovely weekend in Copenhagen and I thought I’d drop you a couple of lines. I was there on a girls’ trip with Heidi and I had the best of times- we walked around, stopped by a couple of vintage shops, had a glass of wine in the sun, bicycled around the city, ordered a smørrebrød for lunch, went to an exhibition at the Contemporary Museum and chilled by the harbour with a beer.

_MG_0408On the first day we stopped by a beautiful ceramic/antique/flower shop where I “made the error” to ask the owner if I could take a picture of a camelia plant in his shop. At that point he lit up and started talking in Danish, I gathered camelia and 25 and garden, but not so much more. He then asked us to join him in the backyard, where he had a bigger camelia, 25 years old. And then this beauty unravelled in front of my eyes and I felt like Alice in wonderland. Not only was I almost jumping with joy, but he was, too. He was like a kid with a secret fortune, showing it to his friends for the first time.


It was not a plant anymore, it was a tree, rising up towards the wall painted ochre, it was so beautiful it filled me with bliss.


And then it was this crooked plant, resemblant to a bonzai, that made you feel like you were in a Japanese garden.



Rosy petals on the ground, terraccota pots and Tuscan colours- I’d love such a garden myself! _MG_0406.jpg


xxx, Alina

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