Hi, peeps! What’s up? I’m dead tired after working alone yesterday, whisper interpreting for many hours on end is the worst and my throat is still sore. So I called it a day off, took Sammy to the woods and now I’m planning to dose off on the couch for an hour or so. 😉Skjermbilde 2016-12-01 12.13.19.pngOtherwise life’s been busy. On Sunday I went to a vintage marked called MESH, lots of cool stuff, found a really nice dress I got to wear to a restaurant yesterday! 😉 There was also highly overpriced mid-century design, but hey, I live in Oslo, the most expensive city in the world, so what would I expect? Keep going to flea markets, I told myself. And travel to Paris or Berlin again. skjermbilde-2016-12-01-12-13-44The decoration was divine, though! Luckily, I was in Vienna a couple of years ago and bought some Xmas stuff at European prices, with a season discount, so I could just let the nostalgia wash over me, without getting annoyed with the cost. skjermbilde-2016-12-01-12-13-57Yesterday I visited another design  Xmas market, at Kollekted by. I’m telling you, I love that store! So many nice things! Unfortunately for an anxiety ridden person, there were way too many people to be able to find anything. Besides, the prices were y-ha! But then they are, as soon as you want limited edition stuff. Sigh!skjermbilde-2016-12-01-12-12-53Last, but not least, there were some drinks involved, as we celebrated 10  months yesterday. I’m so in love and feel so lucky to be loved back! And I’m even more certain that it’s not supposed to be difficult, the way I’ve always meant, you’re not supposed to suffer and wait and play games. Not interested? Next! Until the right one comes along and he’ll love you to bits just as crazy as you are. 😉Skjermbilde 2016-12-01 12.14.09.pngCheers for that one! ❤

xxx, Alina

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