Turbonegro Concert and Other Adventures

How are you? I’ve had an eventful weekend that included a punk-rock concert, a dinner with friends, brunch at the nearest café, a walk in the neighbourhood, a hangout with my neighbour who had forgotten her keys and today I’m hoping for  a Christmas market in town and coffee with a friend.
skjermbilde-2016-11-27-08-34-20Christmas is approaching and I’m a bit less broke than usually since I worked myself half to death during the last month or so. So I’m hoping for a generous Santa, although not for me, but at least the others will get their fair share of love. 😉 Ordering some stuff from my soon to be ex-husband, but still my closest friend, check out his page EAM, handmade, sturdy products in the process of being discovered by the Norwegian and international marked. (A store in Tokyo ordered his products! Yey Vuong!)
skjermbilde-2016-11-27-08-34-37But let me get back to the concert. I have to admit, it was the bf’s idea, as you might have guessed. He kind of wanted to go, but he knew it wasn’t really my cup of tea (I prefer soul, blues and jazz), but I insisted (that’s just the kind of person I am- hahaha!). And it was a bit fun, what can I say, the drinks before and some of the things on stage, too, but by the time beer was flying over my head and my dress was dry clean only (but of course! We’re talking about me, here!), I got kind of spooked. haha! Not to mention the benign and woman-promoting texts like- “I’ve got erection!” and “Blow me like the wind” and so on. It makes you feel special indeed. haha! But hey, I almost forgot to mention the support guy, a wreck called Dr. Erik, stoned and crazy, stumbling around on stage saying “suck my drum” and then the drum falls and he’s fumbling around like a sad clown trying to save face and not really getting anywhere.Skjermbilde 2016-11-27 08.34.54.pngYesterday I had the time’s worst headache, it was pulsating from within my eyes and I had trouble even standing up. So the bf came with coffee and banana cake in bed and I had some and then went to sleep for 4 more hours until it was 13:30 and hunger awoke me. 😉

And then we went to brunch at Galgen, so for a walk in the hood and started on the spinach and ricotta lasagna we had for dinner with Franck and Marion. 😉

Hope you had a good time this weekend! 😉

xxx, Alina


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