Lazy days in Oslo

Hi! I´m back before you had the chance to miss me! 😉 The days are sunny and long and I “pray” that nobody needs my services, so I can just lounge around all day long. I´m still going through the motions, there´s lots of things I don’t have the energy to get sorted yet, but I´m doing much better, opening letters, sweeping the floors and preparing dinner without the feeling that the world will come crushing down on me.


These days I´m on my own, my boo is in France, and so I have this huge list of things I want to get done- paint the kitchen, read a couple of books, take a hike in the woods, watch the last season of Games of Thrones and sip Prosecco with my girlfriends. Haha!

Sam is with me this week and we´re having a blast, in fact I´m just getting ready for a hike right now, to pick some blueberries and get some color back in my cheeks. 😉


Letting go of things is strenuous, as much as I long for new adventures, I´m a bit of a snail, carrying my house (and life) on my back wherever I go. I´m so in love, I can´t even remember last I felt it with this intensity, sometimes it scares me, but mostly it makes me melt, it makes me feel as thankful as a cat that´s been fed fish all day long and is napping in the sun. Whenever I feel it´s as good as it can possibly get, I fear it´s too good to be true and let my apprehensions get the best of me. I then retreat in some dark corners of my soul, where I´m unloved, taken for granted and then abandoned. It´s these moments that ruin the beauty of it, when I become unsure, needy and craving affection like an orphan. I´m working hard on it, though, hoping it´ll pass, like uncertainty usually passes when you feel loved.


Here´s where I´m writing from, my favourite spot, sipping some coffee and letting the sun caress my head. 😉

Have a perfect summer y’all!

xxx, Alina


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