Summer in the City

I´ve been working too much again (for a frail soul like me, but hey, I need the money!), but tried as best I could to enjoy the nice weather with my boo, my Sammy, Beo and friends. 13521856_10153691336586711_4143198063878146207_nBought a couple artichokes, hoping to make some culinary experiments, but didn´t get that far and now I have to throw them in the garbage can, before they grow a wig. 😦IMG_2427This one is from early June, or even May, possibly. Me and my baby chilling in the park one of the few hot summer days.13606605_10153702585106711_9165369224515071164_nThe cherries in the neighbourhood have started ripening and I´m thinking of making some jam today. 13619810_10153702061721711_9074967215322435375_nPretty chill way of writing invoices, straight from our bed. Team work is good work. 😉13438930_10153696385771711_1336404716002953518_nAnd here we´re having our Sunday coffee, wearing the same Ray Bans. Hihi! How y’all doing? Summer treating u well?

xxx, Alina

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