Back from the Mother Country

I´m home again and it´s lovely, but also a bit sad. I came back to fewer things in the apartment since V moved all his stuff and it left me with a strange feeling , although we´d agreed upon it, so it was no surprise. It´s the end of an era and it hurts, even more so when it comes with the realisation that hardly anything lasts, not even love. Or at least ours didn´t.13221110_10153598056876711_7792092433357197740_n

Crème brullée in Simbio
That being said, Romania was good and being there with my new love was refreshing. We went to different cafées- Origo and Frudisiac among them, had dinner in a couple of nice restaurants- Aubergine, Caru´cu bere and Simbio and otherwise enjoyed the city hand in hand, meeting with friends or dining with “la familia”. The weather was Scandinavian and we had no idea what to wear- one moment it was freezing cold and raining, the next it was sunny and moist, so that was a bummer, ´cause we were expecting summer… But hey, it was still not too bad!13239310_10153596293511711_3763582895940462019_nScandinavian decor in Frudisiac13227089_10153598056866711_8958441925357933892_nChocolate “mousse” (just not really) and rosé wine in Simbio13230894_10153594714341711_976140116_oWe even attended a baptism on Sunday and got to see grandma in the country side. Her garden was full of strawberries and it was a joy to eat them right from the ground!13234757_10153594702031711_1463632350_o

The priest was so funny, he cracked me up. As a non-believer the church rituals are starting to look odd, but as an expat it´s a bit exotic altogether.


Hummus at the Israeli restaurant, Aubergine13239352_10153598057276711_4025743710579441787_n

Post card writing and the mandatory coffee13254044_10153600332626711_7399470982726831793_n

Me and my Prosecco. 😉

Today I´m so sleepy I can hardy hold my eyes open. Write u more another day. 😉


xxx, Alina

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