I´m in a strange mood today. On Monday it´s time for my taxes and I´d rather dig a hole and climb in it than prepare for it. But hey, denial is my second name, so what´s new?

The weather is moody and all I feel like doing is curling up with a movie on the couch. I should wash the floors, there are some dishes to be done and some clothes to be put in place. How trivial for a Saturday, though, don´t you find?

I brought some spring in the house, some lilac and chestnut flowers that I picked with Sam the other day. 🙂 I need a new table and researching for it made me smile: I have such good (though terribly pricey) taste! haha! Let me show you what I mean!


Bell coffee table by Sebastian Herknes, mouth blown glass, 2700 €


TS coffee table by Gubi, didn´t manage to find the price so I´d like to think I could afford the white marble one


Tom Dixon table, 750 €

And as if I wasn´t bad enough already, now I feel even worse! haha! Just kidding! Which one did you like best, though?

Have a lovely Saturday! I´m making myself a cocoa now to “soothe the pain”. Haha!

xxx, Alina

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