Best friends

We were loud. Boy, were we loud! Back in high school, loud was all we knew. Crying for attention, begging to be seen. We felt we could have it all (at least I did) and yet we belonged to the sacrificial generation that had no illusions of a better future. Only dreams. But God did we dream! Our dreams were as wide as corn fields, as tall as skyscrapers! We would make it, and make it big!

Many years later, it´s still the two of us. People come and go, friendships last for a while and so do relationships, even we found ourselves estranged from each other on more occasions than one, but we hold on to each other until we patch things up and move forward. I´m not good at calling, neither is she, she doesn’t even have a fb account any more and so months go by without us sharing a word, but when we do meet it´s like in high school all over again. We laugh until we cry, while sharing a bottle of Prosecco and telling each other all sorts of funny stories from our lives and line of work, me with my criminals and she with her pupils, I tell ya, it´s one hell of a life we´re leading!




Tonight was so good. It was all effortless and lovely, the food was great and so was the company, the air was crisp, yet mild and the waiters were young and handsome and had curly hair. 😉 (Back when I was a teenager nobody had curly hair or at least that´s how I recall it!) The somewhat grim impression of Bucharest during these couple of days dissipated into a cloud of well-being and I thought to myself- really, I can´t be complaining, I have friends and family to meet with and on top of that a massage appointment tomorrow! 😉 haha!

We parted early and went home for our beauty sleep, but agreed on a coffee date tomorrow at 10. 😉 Beat that! Freelance life strikes again! 😉

xxx, Alina

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