March came with promises of sunny weather, snow drops and tender feelings. I embrace it as hard as I can, I let it lead the way, stumbling down a couple of times, two steps forward and one step back, then all the way, head first. I feels like falling, but in a good way, probably like parachuting- free fall and yet you know there´s someone there to catch you.;-)12328443_566221703542290_1236103704_n

I´ve been incredibly sociable, need to put a brake on it, ´cause I´ll be out of energy soon enough. I´ve been to the cinema- “Carol” and “Eddie the Eagle”, both lovely-,  had drinks with the girls (several drinks and several girls), ate dinner at a Edinam´s place, had coffee with mr. Franck, went to Ellie Goulding´s concert although she´s not really my type of gal music-wise, walked Sammy several times a day whenever I have him, tried to stay on top of things at home (to no avail!) and so on, everything in attempt to avoid being alone with myself and let laziness take over my days. To make up for lost time, when my depression often hindered me from getting out of the house. It´s not like panic, it´s a sort of indifference, the feeling that you´ll get on just fine without that movie, too, that that concert is a drag, that that friend lives too far away. A constant battle of priorities. Which the couch wins almost every time. 😉


Sammy´s a darling, very affectionate and cute, mommy´s guardian angel, he´s often sitting with me and demanding petting. 12725024_803023996493417_1873840829_n

The weather is turning milder, but there´s still a long way to go, for now the snow is melting and the turds are starting to show, it´s a sad sight, what can I say?!12798090_224752194542441_1686210905_n

This guy is in constant need of attention, don´t you dare be away for too long, or else I´ll poop in your bed! (which he did, too) 😦12784017_1709846402564990_1928015437_n
12783932_1691309177807685_7835736_nDon´t wanna go inside, mom! It´s much more fun outside! So I literally had to drag him by the leash while he was making funny faces. 😉

PS. I may be in <3. 😉

Have a good one!

xxx, Alina

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