Here´s to us!


12819098_228262527520554_783863294_nToday it´s international Women´s Day and Mother´s Day in Romania, so let´s celebrate ourselves and our sisters, mothers and girlfriends with a better meal, some champagne and flowers!


Women´s Day in 2016 equals sisterhood, standing up for each other and for ourselves and bringing each other up instead of down. Society does enough to manage the latter. 😉

I started on this road a long while ago and I still haven´t reached my goal (do we ever?). In my line of business sexism hits me in the face almost every day and sometimes it´s so bad that I feel I´m reliving an episode of Mad Men. Luckily, I also meet lots of nice people, so the scales don´t only tip on one side.


What can we do to improve the way we´re seen in society? What about the way we see ourselves? Let´s raise strong girls who turn into strong women by daring to go after what they need, by daring to be happy, to question their surroundings, to say no to stereotypes and find their own way. God knows that´s what I´ve been trying so hard on lately. And on our way, don´t forget to make space for our fellow sisters who haven´t enjoyed the freedom we´ve taken for granted all the time. Stop thinking borders, religion and colour, we all need somebody to lean on in our battle against chauvinism and good old-fashioned oppression. Cheers to us, sisters! 😉

xxx, Alina


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