London in pics

This was my last getaway in a long time now. 😉 Too much running around and too little work done lately. The laundry keeps piling up, haven´t touched a book in a month and I´m behind with billing, too. Not to mention accountancy. Uæææææ!

Enough about that, though. London was great, as always. I was there in December last year, but before that I hadn´t been in the UK in 6 years and I realised I´d really missed it. Nature was in full bloom, although it was cold as f*, the food was yummy and my friends were great, as always. 😉IMG_9015

Magnolia trees in bloom in Notting Hill. IMG_8978



Yummy cortado in Notting Hill. IMG_9001.jpg


Portobello Saturday Market.IMG_9008


Savoury crepe for breakfast. IMG_9048



Happy chick. IMG_9027

Street food in Camden, no change with me, no Portuguese pasteis de nata. :-/IMG_9038.jpg




Open air paella. IMG_9054.jpg

Camelia, my soul mate, and her cutie cute boy, Petre. 😉IMG_9063.jpg

Romanian ceramics.IMG_9064


Bank, visiting Tate Modern.IMG_9094.jpg

Pulled pork and sweet potato fries. IMG_9089.jpg

Lavinia and a Caribbean drink. 😉IMG_9097.jpgMoi.

xxx, Alina

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