London part 2

Today was a strange day. That day of the month again (God, I need to change my traveling dates soon, it´s starting to get on my nerves!) when I can barely stand myself, let alone others. Luckily, I didn´t have a lot of plans for the day and the few plans I had didn´t include people until 7 pm, when I met up with Lavinia for drinks and pulled pork in a Texas burger joint. 😉

So I woke up in physical pain at 6:45 am, took a pill and a shower, made myself some tea and waited for the house to wake up. 😉 The toddler and Camelia appeared half an hour later, both cutie cute, searching for his milk bottle around the apartment. 😉 We had breakfast, in turns, then they left for his baby sitter and her work, while I went back to sleep for 3 more hours. Praise the Lord for freelance life! 😉


This would be me, caught in the act, while taking a picture of the magnolia tree in front of me. So ladylike! 😉 haha!12677278_445672545625745_1513300476_n

Early morning grey view from Camelia´s living room in Notting Hill. Getting ready for Tate Modern, the only thing on the agenda, I´ve done the landmarks years ago and besides I don´t want to try too hard, had I been at home, I would have stayed in bed all day on a day like this.


Like me, Camelia has lived abroad for a big part of her life- 13 years- and we both hold Romania very dear, but express it differently. She collects Romanian ceramics, I write in Romanian.


Blossoming trees. I´m walking through the rain, it´s so windy that my hair gets entangled in my scarf, it gets into my mouth, I can feel it, freshly washed and smelling slightly of perfume, it would almost be a sensual feeling, had it not been so annoying.  I can see why Lavinia says she hates wind more than rain. I realise I didn’t know what wind was until today. It was freezing and very unpleasant.


On my way to the Museum, I see all these lovely industrial buildings and I stop for a Prosecco and olives. That gets me into a better mood after a while. The exhibition is super cool, especially Citizens and States. The Prosecco angle helps, too. 😉 I grow tired pretty fast and so go to the members´ cafe since I have such a cultural friend that lent me her card. 😉 Coffee and scones and sweeping views of the city. 12598954_554154468080848_906249273_n

Panoramic view. On my way back to the Notting Hill area. I´m 25 minutes late for my dinner with Lavinia. We crack each other up again. We should be living in the same city, she says! I agree.

Tomorrow is my last day, can’t wait to go back and won´t be travelling for a while, both because I have bills to pay and because you can´t run from yourself. 🙂 haha! That was deep! haha! One more post on London from home, when I download the “real” pictures. Until then, so long! 😉


xxx, Alina

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