A weekend in Rome

Hand on my heart, this trip was the best holiday I´ve ever had! 😉 It wouldn´t have turned out this great if I´d planned it in detail, in fact, the surprise element is exactly what made it so good. It was all about the senses- good food, good drink, new experiences, furry friends and effortless conversation.

I´ve done so many things for the first time this weekend, you have no idea! 😉 Like riding a motorbike in a guy´s jacket, with a guy´s eye shades, mascara running black down my face and my smile stone-still from the cold, painted red on my face. I´ve “fed” stones to swans, had the best hot chocolate in my entire life in Anguillara, a small town by the coast an hour away from Rome, climbed a “mountain” in high heels and ate proper Italian linguine and clams in a proper Italian home.


I now know the difference between the low and high focaccia, lobster and “astice”, I´ve seen round eggplants and tasted cookies (frappe) so good they brought me right back to my childhood in grandma´s home. (reminded me of cornulete)



I had time to enjoy my own company and treat myself to whatever I felt like doing, although I didn´t feel like doing that much. I walked and walked, did my nails, bought some stockings, had some “dirty water”- that would be an Americano- haha!, then walked some more, music in my ears, smiling to myself, thinking that being in my 30s is the best thing that ever happened to me. I even realised there´s no pressure whatsoever, I can be an aunt if I can´t be a mother, I can be a friend if I can´t be a lover, no one is chasing me except for my own self. I´m in no rush, I like being me, I like this frail and broken self somehow and I like the confident and bossy me even more. I´m getting there. Just wait and see. 12556038_980023002043370_854011241_n

I have to put my affairs in order, decide what to do with my life and stop chasing material things, ´cause all my silk dresses and high-heeled pumps haven´t made me happy, not one bit.


Happiness is about the small things, it´s about taking it fast or slowly, being able to say whatever crosses your mind and hear “There should be more people like you in the world.” And think to yourself- “Fuck yeah. Sometimes I feel I´m from another planet. Not with you, though.”

xxx, Alina


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