I´m in Rome for the weekend and I love every second of it! It´s been 9 years since last time and I was curious to see if I could fall in love with the city this time. You see, I´m quite easy to impress as a tourist, but Rome and Barcelona hadn´t really done the trick for me for some reason or another. Maybe the crowd, the people, the heat, the pressure. Beats me.


But then I didn´t have a local guide, last time. 😉 Also this time I didn´t need to “see the sights” and I´d already done all my shopping in Bucharest, so I could just walk until my feet hurt, stop for coffee or Prosecco, take pictures and breathe in the eternal city. In the evenings we tried the small restaurants in Trastevere and otherwise talked about life here and there, the lifestyle, the climate, the pay. Such a shame I don´t know what I could do for a living outside Norway, I really need to put that on the agenda, I´m so starting to itch for a change.


Sweets and coffee for breakfast. And what a view!


People watching- my favourite activity when abroad. 😉 So many colourful outfits, so many cool people, but also so many sad tourists, too eager to do everything on their list to actually enjoy their stroll. I watch them while sipping my coffee under one of those outdoors heaters.


To be continued.

xxx, Alina

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