Phew, I´m turning sane again! Thought I´d never get there again.. I´m reading a book, a crappy detective story, don´t even know if it´s bad in the original language- English, or if it´s just the translation into Norwegian, but who cares, the story is solid enough and I´m curious to see who the murderer is. 😉

I also cooked, for the second time in over 3 weeks now, just some pasta, but at least I managed the deed. Made some sugar coated almonds the other day, too. I´m on the right track. Thank God, I was starting to loose it entirely! Lacking sleep, hardly eating and not having very high thoughts of myself. 12357453_1654749894807139_227585298_n

It feels like I´m walking miles and miles, the weather is mild and my ears hurt from the ear plugs, but I don´t care, it´s liberating. Wish I could walk in entirely new neighbourhoods, lose myself in their architecture and Christmas spirit, shed all my sadness.


I managed some shopping, too, I´m a terrible gifter anyway, only end up with things I´d like myself, which is ok if you´re like me, but then not everybody is. 😉 Unfortunately for them. haha!



Today I´m off to an assignment out of town again, kind of tired, wish I could just stay in bed and listen to Jill Scott all day. She cheers me up. I´ll be making lemon curd with a friend later on and maybe some Christmas chutney, too. Life is all about everyday joys.

Need to bake a fancy cake for the Christmas dinner with the Karoubis and a salad of some sorts, was thinking about the Romanian salad au boeuf, but I´ve never made it before and right now it sounds like a handful. And I need to bake some cookies, after all, I´ll be meeting people and they´ll probably be expecting it. 😉

Well, I got nothing else bubbling to get out for the moment, and it´s a relief, believe me! Seems like I´m going to survive.

xxx, Alina



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