Conference, dog-sitting and such


How are you? I´ve had a productive start on this week, attended a two-days conference on HIV and made a new friend, too. (And a stalker, for that matter.) A couple of colleagues interpreted into English and so I spent both days listening to them and felt my chest raise with pride! Wow, the things we can do, it´s amazing! I won´t pretend to be at the same level as they are, I´m relatively new at this job and irrespective of my endeavour to be noticed, there aren´t as many conferences in Romanian! 😉 Not in Norway, at least. 😉_MG_7825Today we baby-sat Morris (or Mascarici, as I call him in Romanian, since he´s way too enthusiastic and clumsy!) and he´s just a doll! So cute! Tried to have a nap with him in bed, he dumped half his body on top of mine and left me gasping for air. I made him change his position, he embraced it right away and started drooling on my t-shirt. Precious! After a while (10 minutes!) he decided it was time to wake up and so V took him out for a walk. Two seconds later Beo (the cat) started meowing, since we´d placed its bowl on the table, where Morris wouldn’t reach it. I take it down, curl up under the covers once again, observe that the alarm hasn´t yet rung and so I long for a quick snooze. Suddenly I can feel a wet snout with very bad breath over my hand. It´s Sam, he can´t for the love of God, understand why Morris would get a walkie and not him! Forget it, time to wake up, warm up a cup of coffee and take him around the block. It´s pitch-dark outside and all I want to do is have a nap!

xxx, Alina

The pictures depict “the girl with a pearl earring”- haha!

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