Walnuts and donuts

IMG_7771This weekend we had fabulous weather and so we took Sammy to the woods both days. The forrest is so pretty in its autumn attire, it looks like a queen all dolled-up for a party. Lots of pictures on my Romanian blog, if you want to take a look!

Yesterday I invited a couple of friends over for what seems to be growing into a tradition- Sunday coffee and cake at the Trans. 😉 I had big plans for this weekend´s treat, given that I ´d already made a huge lasagna form (and resisted the urge to share with our next-door neighbours, so we´ve been eating that for lunch and dinner since Friday!), I only needed to make something sweet and it could be elaborate, too. Easier said than done, because after some hours in the woods, with a clear head, but heavy feet, baking is the last thing you feel like doing. :-/

IMG_7769I did find a recipe at last on a Romanian site, it said apple donuts (could that be the American fritters?), but I found it difficult to believe any donuts would raise from that dough, since there was neither yeast, nor baking powder involved… The recipe was badly put together, they wanted the donuts fried in butter (instead of oil or lard) and the mixture was way too thin to grow into anything else than pancakes, even though I must have doubled the flour quantity! But Gosh, they turned into great pancakes! Small and juicy, somewhere in between blinis and waffles, as Marion put it, perfect size to swallow whole (haha!) and very cute with caster sugar sprinkled on. Since I had so much home-made apple jam in the fridge, I used one and a half bowl of it in the dough! 😉

One of our friends had just returned from Romania and brought back a big bag of walnuts from his parents´ garden and so we munched on this and that and had a few laughs in a mixture of Romanian-Norwegian-English and French! 😉

2 cups flour (think I had 3-4 cups)
4 spoons sugar
2 eggs
600 ml milk
300 g apple jam (the low-sugar type)
40 g melted butter

Mix flour and sugar in a bowl. In another bowl, mix the eggs and milk. Pour the eggs and milk over the flour until you get a pancake mixture. Add the apple jam. Warm a pan on the stove and fry the dough in butter until golden on each side, one table spoon at a time.

Bon appetit! 😉

xxx, Alina

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